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Data Driven SEO Tool

Build Your SEO with Data

SEO App is packed with all the tools needed for half the price. In the world of SEO, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve and be ahead of your competition for keyword rankings. The right SEO tools can help you identify optimization opportunities, assess the performance at each stage of the SEO and improve all the strategies based on the results. Our SEO tool can kick start your SEO campaign and become the best. Get ready for an all in one SEO tool, get access to never-ending success.

Here are the tools in SEO App:

Daily Keyword Tracking

Comprehensive Technical Audit

Advanced On-Page Creator

Streamlined Social Media Posting & Reporting

AI-Powered Content Generation

And Much More...

Help you analyze and optimize your website's performance.

An SEO Tool That Every SEO Pro Needs

SEO App represents a suite of powerful features that will enable you to analyse, optimise and keep a close eye on all your site’s traffic inputs. This tool is among the best SEO audit tools and its technical SEO audit tool will detect issues related to site structure that can impact your site’s visibility in search engine results pages. Another crucial feature of the SEO App is the SEO competitor analysis software which enables you to understand what your SEO competition is doing correctly and where they are falling behind.

In addition to the keyword generator software, you’ll also get keyword tracker software that monitors how your selected keywords perform in search engines, thus making it possible for you to narrow down on the phrases that are bringing you the best results and possibly work on those that aren’t performing well. Don’t let the competition overtake you. SEO App will give your website a massive boost. Find out how improving the SEO of your website with the best SEO tools in the world feels like. You think we are bluffing? Write to us with your questions and your concerns, and we’ll get right back to you.

seo tools
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Monitor Your SEO Campaigns With Our Simple to Use SEO Reporting Tool

SEO monitoring tools and SEO reporting tools are important for keeping track of your SEO efforts and measuring the campaigns success. Our SEO tools interface provides a large amount of data at your fingertips, making it easy to track your progress and adjust your strategies as needed.

Connect Your Integrations

Time is a precious resource, especially for busy professionals managing multiple SEO projects. SEO App helps you save time by automating various tasks, such as keyword tracking, technical audits, and competitor analysis. With the SEO automation tool, you can streamline your workflow, enabling you to focus on other essential aspects of your business. SEO App's time-saving capabilities from SEO monitoring tools make it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to optimize their website and improve their search engine rankings efficiently.

Dashboard for All

Our SEO Tool Dashboard is Simple

We have all the tools you need to be successful in the SEO space. Our SEO tools inside our app are constantly evolving with the industry. If you are a seasoned SEO expert or even new to the space, our SEO tools can improve your campaigns at an extreme low cost. SEO App was built by agency owners keeping in mind the impactful SEO changes to improve rankings.

SEO Tools

We have all the SEO tools inside our app for managing your campaign.

Simple Data

Our data in our SEO tools won't just provide you fluff. Impactful data.


Customize your reporting the way you want. No need to spend more.


Our SEO tools bring back visuals for you to easily understand the data.

SEO App is the Future

New integrations being added to make your life easier in the SEO industry.

New Integrations

The SEO App team is constantly adding new integrations for users and agencies.

Increase Productivity

Our team comes from the agency world. We understand how valuable time can be for agencies and individuals.


Keywords tracked daily on the SERPS.


Pages crawled for technical audits.


Competitors analyzed for SEO strategies.

Track the SEO Success

Tracking analytics, keywords and website data leads to success. Our tool combines all data points to provide insightful information.


See What the Experts Have to Say

These agency owners use SEO App everyday for their clients and manage hundreds of clients.

SEO App gives us the flexibility as an agency to provide full transparency to our clients. SEO App saves us time and money.

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Marc Brookland

CEO of SEO Locale

SEO App saves my agency time with the ease of reporting. I can provide everything to my clients. Increasing our client retention.



Managing our clients with SEO App provides us with technology other SEO tools couldn't provide us. Saving us time as project managers.

Mark Rippons

PM at SEO Locale

As a freelancer I would spend countless hours on reporting and trying to keep up, but with SEO App my reporting is completed in minutes.

Maria S.